China (Direct route): Features & Restrictions

China is one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world for mobile messaging. However it is particularly difficult to deliver to and many filters are in place to block messages in and out of the country. Cheap links into China will simply not work and the majority of messages will be rejected or blocked via these filters. Therefore Wire2Air is happy to share that we are using a direct link into all Chinese networks with very high delivery-ratio results!

In general the following restrictions apply for all Chinese carriers:

  1. Sender ID will be replaced by a numeric service code
  2. Handset delivery receipts are supported, as is delivery to ported numbers.
  3. Message content length:
    • 65 characters if using Unicode (needed for Chinese characters)
    • 130 characters for non-Unicode (latin alphabet + standard ASCII characters)
    • Concatenation is supported however every message part will contain 62 characters.
  4. Adult, religious and especially political messages are very likely to be blocked. An explanation of keywords blacklisted by the Chinese government can be found here.
    • Known filtered keywords:  Falung Gong, SB, Tienanmen Square
    • Or keywords in the category of: Gambling, Adult content, Property, Education, Migration, Financing, Loans, Beauty care, Cosmetic surgery, Healthcare, Red Timber, Alcohol, Politics, Fraud, Advertisement
  5. URL links are not allowed in messages. Messages containing a URL will be blocked.
  6. Arabic characters are not supported into any Chinese networks

Also please find restrictions to Chinese numbers as follows:

China Unicom (46001): WAP push messages are not supported

China Mobile (46000): use of binary content is restricted

At this moment in time we are unable to accept any marketing or promotional traffic towards China

Also please note that 2 message with the same content cannot be sent to same phone in a day and that a maximum of 10 message (with different content) can be sent to same number in a day.

Wire2Air has a higher quality route for customers sending transactional content, that requires pre-registration and is reserved for customers sending more than 1 million messages per month. 



1. 发送方号码将会以本地(或香港)号码发出

2. 支持手机短信的送达回执,也支持发送到跨网号码

3. 短信内容长度:
- 以UCS2编码可发送65个Unicode字符(中文字符必须用UCS2编码);
- 以latin1或ASCII编码可发送130个非Unicode字符;
- 长短信是支持的,每个短信可载量为62个Unicode字符。

4. 成人,宗教和特别是政治的内容会被拦截。中国政府列入黑名单的关键字如下:
- 已知会被拦截关键字:法轮功,SB,天安门广场;
- 以及有关以下类别的内容:赌博,成人,房产,教育,移民,金融服务,贷款,美容护理,整容手术,医疗保健,红木,酒精

5. 网址是不允许的,有网址的短信都会被拦截。
6. 所有中国网络运营都不支持阿拉伯字符的。

中国联通(46001):不支持WAP Push





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