How to Use Merge Tags in your Text Campaigns?

How to configure Merge tags?

Merge tags can be used to send personalized messages to multiple recipients. Merge tags are similar to merge tags in the emails. “Merge Tags” are place holders within the message. You can also define default merge field values to fall back on if the recipients merge tag data does not exist.

Where can you use Merge Tags?

You can use Merge tag feature with the following text content

  • Mass Text Message Campaigns
  • One to one Messages to the mobile users
  • Auto responder, Text2Win, SMS Polling, Survey, Trivia, etc.
  • Birthday Text Messages
  • Drip text Messages
  • Template Messages

Here is a list of currently supported merge tags

Subscriber Merge Tags

Personalize each message sent to subscribers by using subscriber merge tags to dynamically insert subscriber information into a message. Subscriber information can include a subscriber's Name, Email or the custom subscriber data.

Subscriber Data
Merge Tag
Subscriber Name: %Name%
Email Address: %Email%

Custom Merge Tags

The “custom” field can be used to personalize text message with more specific information for each recipient. This could be a coupon code, payment due date, account number, sales representative name etc. You can import the custom fields information along with mobile number at the same time you import your contacts.

Custom Subscriber Data
Merge Tag
Custom1: %Custom1%
Custom 2: %Custom2%
Custom 3: %Custom3%
Custom 4: %Custom4%

*Default Values can be setup for Subscriber and Custom Data from "Manage Subscribers-->Edit Custom fields Defaults", in the event the data is not present for the Subscriber.

Expiration (Dynamic) Date Merge Tags

Using an expiration date merge tag allows you to dynamically insert an expiration date (MM/DD) into any message. This expiration date adjusts itself based on when the subscriber receives the message and the number of days you've set to allow them to redeem the promotion.

Dynamic Dates (MM/DD)
Merge Tag
Current day: %mdate0%
Current day + 1 day: %mdate1%
Current day + 2 days: %mdate2%
Current day + 3 days: %mdate3%
Current day + N days: %mdateN%  (N: Number of days ahead)

How to Add Merge Tags to Text Message:

To add merge tags to the broadcast text messages or auto responses, click on the Merge Tag icon from the Message text box, and select the tag you like to insert.



A composed Text Message with Merge tags:

A personalized message received on the recipient phone



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