How to Set up Auto-responder Campaign? [Video]

  • Log on to the Dash board website and click manage campaign
  • Click on to add new campaign and select Autoresponder.
  • Select your account and the short code from the drop down list
  • Give some relevant name to your campaign
  • Select a Mobile Keyword.
  • Edit the auto reply messages.
  • Promote the Mobile Keyword.
  • Customers text the mobile keyword to the short code.
  • Customers receive the autoresponse back.
  • All customers mobile numbers are stored and can be downloaded.
  • Business may send mass text messages to opt-in customers using web based mass texting tool.
  • With auto responder you can add calender based messages in place of auto reply.
  • You can also add Time/Drip messages which can be set to be sent after minutes, hours or days the customer opt-in.

Watch the Video

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