How to Add Web sign-up form on Facebook Page?

Now your Facebook fans can join mobile opt-in list directly from Facebook, create Facebook opt-in widget with a few clicks.

Step-by-step instructions
  1. Generate Web widget HTML code for your campaign.
  2. Click here to open Facebook application page
  3. Logon to the Facebook.
  4. Allow or Click on "Add Static HTML: iframe tabs" to allow Facebook to add tab on your page.
  5. Now click on "Edit Page --> Update Info" -- view more
  6. Click on "Apps"
  7. From listed Apps, click on Edit Settings on "Static HTML:iframe tabs" App
  8. Update Custom tab name to "Mobile Signup".
  9. Now go to view page or Welcome tab and click on Mobile Sign-up Icon
  10. Now, you can Edit on Public Content tab and paste generated web widget html code in the window. Note: Facebook only allows https content.
  11. Repeat same step for your fan page.
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