How to Set-up for the Remote Broadcasting a Text message? [Video]

You can also remote broadcast a text message from your mobile to your listed subscribers using our Remote Broadcast Access tool. This can be extremely helpful to send emergency text to your subscribers if you don't have access to your website.

Please follow these steps to set-up for the remote broadcasting.

  1. After logging on to the dash board website, click on to the remote broadcast access in the navigation panel.
  2. Select the your SMS account and the Campaign.
  3. Enter the mobile number from which you want to broadcast the message. This mobile number is only allowed to remotely broadcast your message.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Now the selected mobile number can send a remote broadcast message to the subscribers listed in the campaign. You have to follow the follow the format as below.
  6. You can also post these broadcasted message to your social media by clicking configure social media     

     Message format:

 #<serviceid or keyword><SPACE><YOUR MESSAGE>.

Watch the Video

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