What is text credit and how many credits required to deliver one text message?

With all plans, you have set numbers of text credits assigned to your account. Each text message of 160 characters for GSM characters and 70 characters for non-GSM characters (Unicode) to one recipient is one text credits. 

If you're sending a text message of 160 characters to 100 recipients in USA, it will cost you 100 text credits.

**We don't count incoming text against your credits. But we do expect to have incoming and outbound in reasonable proportion, you can't have 1000 inbound messages but zero outbound. In such cases your inbound will be also counted against used text credits.**


MMS costs 2 text credits for both outbound and inbound messages.

To check your SMS credit status, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to Dashboard using your credentials
  2. Click on SMS credit status

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