How to merge names or custom data into sms broadcast?

Learn now to send a personalize mass broadcast text message to customer; such as “Dear Sam. Your payment for month of Aug is due..”, instead of “Dear Customer. Your payment is due”?

When you broadcast a text message to customers, you’ll get more positive response if the message is personalized. The most common way to personalize a text message is to add first name of your contact into the text message. Beside that you also add additional personalize information to the text message. With our mass text messaging tool you can personalize the text message by merging name, email, and 4 additional custom fields stored with your contacts list.

The “custom” field can be used to personalize text message with more specific information for each recipient. This could be a a password, payment due date, account number, sales representative name etc. You can import the custom fields information along with mobile number at the same time you import your contacts.

How to add merge tags to text message?


While composing a text message in management console, you can add personalize tags by clicking any of the items under message field.

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