What are the Different Types/Format of Mobile Coupons?

Mobile coupons can be sent to subscribers using multiple formats. We provides two different type of mobile coupons solutions

Static Text Mobile Coupon codes or bar codes

Static mobile coupon is simply a per-defined register code provided by merchant and can be included in text message or can be generated as bar code on mobile web coupon. Recipients are required to just show their mobile phone at the check-out or get it scanned. Every recipient of mobile coupon will receive same coupon code. There is no way to track who used the coupon.

Unique Text Codes or Bar Codes

You can either send a unique generated redemption code for each recipient including in text message or a rich mobile web coupon with a bar code. Bar codes can be a UPC code or QR code. All unique code or bar code coupons are fully traceable, you can run reports on who used the coupon and when. The unique redemption code either can be pre-generated with-in Wire2Air system or you can upload pre-generated code from you POS system.

Picture Message (MMS) Mobile Coupons

Business can send rich colorful picture message coupons to customer using MMS picture messaging. Customer can either text a keyword to receive a coupon or business can broadcast picture message mobile coupons to op-customers mobile phone.

See MMS Coupon Campaign in Action:
Text Ricks to 27126 (Msg&Data rates may apply)

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