How it Works?

Text-to-Trivia games prompt participants to answer a question, and are typically used in promotions where consumers view a question on a product package and text in the answer.  There can be single or multiple question trivia and can be played in two modes: prompt and direct input.                                                                                                  
  • Code Prompt: The participant text in a keyword (e.g. SPORTS) and receives a trivia question. In Code Prompt mode, a different trivia question can be returned each time the participant plays the game.
  • Direct Input: In this mode, the trivia question is displayed to the participant via a separate medium, such as a candy wrapper or advertisement. The first message sent by the participant is the answer to the trivia question . In direct input mode, only one question can be used for all participants, however questions can be changed on regular basis if required.

Single Question Text (SMS) Trivia: Mobile subscriber texts a keyword and receives a question back, and, and he/she can respond with answer.

Multiple Question Text (SMS) Trivia: Once mobile subscriber text a keyword, they'll continue to receive series of questions as long as they keep on playing. Subscribers stop the game anytime by sending the STOP to the short code. Advertiser can add as many questions as they like and can send the questions randomly or sequentially. Advertisers can give incentives on correct answers or participants can continue to accumulate points which can be converted into some kind of prizes.
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