How to add Timed/Drip messages to Auto responder campaign?

You can add Timed/Drip responses to an Autoresponder Campaign. These messages will be delivered to the customer based on the settings, e.g. 1 hour after Opt-in. Follow these steps to add Timed/Drip messages to an autoresponder campaign.

  1. Click on to Manage Campaign.
  2. In the Search Textbox enter the name of your campaign and press enter.
  3. Click Edit to modify your campaign.
  4. On the top right, click on to Time/Drip messages.
  5. Click on to new message.
  6. Type the content and the time settings for the message delivery.
  7. Click save to save message.
  8. Go back to the campaign and save the changes.
  9. Now the customers who subscribe to this campaign will get Time/Drip messages along with auto reply or Calendar based messages.

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