How to set up Developer API Service? [Video]

Follow these steps to configure for Wire2Air Developer API service.
  1.  Log on to the dashboard website.
  2. Click manage campaign
  3. Click on to Add new Campaign and then select Developer API.
  4. Select the short code and the SMS account.
  5. Give relevant name to the service.
  6. Give some description if you want to, you can edit the help response message and stop response message.
  7. In the Processor URL text box type the complete URL followed by ?. Please note that this is the URL that incoming messages will be forwarded to for further processing.
  8. Click save.
  9. Now you can add keywords for your service, you can add multiple keywords but all the keywords has to be unique.
  10. Click save.
  11. To view the VAS ID and Profile ID, click on the Developer API link on the navigation panel on the left side. There you can find your VASID and ProfileID which you will have to use for authentication. Here you can find   reference documentation for all the API.

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