How to Set-up Text to Trivia?

To Set-up Text to Trivia, follow these steps

  1. Log on to the Dash board website.
  2. Click Manage Campaign.
  3. Click Add new Campaign link
  4. Select Text2Trivia.
  5. Select the Short code and SMS account.
  6. Enter a relevant keyword.
  7. Give some relevant to your campaign.
  8. Type in the Trivia Question.
  9. Add the option by adding reply key and the answer. You can add multiple options here.
  10. Select the correct answer by selecting the check box along side the correct answer.
  11. Select the start date and time of the Trivia.
  12. Select the status of the Trivia from the drop down list. Note until the Trivia is in Published mode the subscribers wont be able to use it.
  13. Edit the correct answer response, incorrect answer response, trivia ended, trivia not started messages
  14. Opt-out response.
  15. You can insert mobile coupons, MMS message, tiny URL in your correct answer response.
  16. Click save to save the trivia.
  17. When user sends the keyword to the selected short code, they will receive the trivia question and when customer respond back with the answer then they will receive response depending on their answer.
  18. Customer can also send keyword space reply key directly to participate in the Trivia.

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