How to Setup Text-2-Win Campaign? [Video]

Follow these steps to create a Text to Win Campaign. 

  1. Logon to the Dash board website.
  2. Click on to manage campaign.
  3. Click Add new campaign and select Text2Win.
  4. Select the short code and the SMS account.
  5. Give some relevant name to the contest.
  6. Select the keyword for the contest.
  7. Select the start and End Date for the contest
  8. Click on Instant win.
  9. Select win odds.
  10. Enter the max number of winners, 0 is for unlimited number of winners.
  11. If you want multiple entries then select multiple entries check box and enter the duration after which the user can reenter.
  12. You can edit the winner response, loser response, contest not started response, contest ended response, help response and Opt-out respnses.
  13. Click save to save the campaign. 



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