How to Set up Text to Email Campaign? [Video]

To set up a text to email campaign follow these steps.

  1. Log on to the Dash board website.
  2. Click manage campaign.
  3. Click Add new campaign and select Text2Email.
  4. Select the short code and your SMS account from the drop down list.
  5. Select Relevant keyword.
  6. Edit the auto reply message when a subscriber Opt-in.
  7. Enter the Email address which will receive the text as email.
  8. Enable Enable Email Reply if you want. When you enable this option you can reply back to the subscriber from your email. Please click here see how to send text message from email.
  9. Type in the mobile number to which this text will be forwarded to if you want.
  10. You can edit the Email subject template and reply Email template.
  11. You can edit the Opt-out response and Help response.
  12. Click save to save your campaign.
  13. When a subscriber sends the keyword to the shortcode then the designated email will receive the text as email and also the forwarded mobile number will receive a text message.

Watch the Video

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