How to Send Text message blast from Web using Broadcasting Tool? [video]

You can send text blast to your opt-in subscriber after logging on to our Dashboard website and using broadcast text message tool.

Before importing CSV file, format CSV file as follow

  • Open Excel file, make sure first column is mobile number, second column is Subscriber Full Name, third column Email. Only first column Mobile number is required.
  • Save File as Comma Separated file (*.CSV)



Sometimes Excel data is not in the best shape, you may need to move columns around or the first name and last name is in the separate columns and our requirement is to have them in one column, in that case you need to join two columns.

You can find some Excel tutorials on Microsoft site at the following URL:

Create List and import contacts 

  • Go on Manage Campaign, Click on Add New campaign
  • Select Text to Join campaign
  • Enter campaign name, this is your list name
  • Leave all other fields as default, and Press Save
  • Once saved, you’ll see Manage Subscribers button appears above campaign name
  • Click on Manage Subscribers, this will redirect to subscribers screen
  • On Manage Subscribers screen, press Import button.
  • On import screen, upload your saved CSV file.

Broadcast message

  • Go to Text Messaging and click on Broadcast text message
  • Enter broadcast subject, this is for internal reference only
  • Click on Subscription list option, and select you campaign
  • Enter message
  • If you like to schedule message for future, select Send Later and select date and time for future text blast
  • If you like to personalize text message for each subscriber, insert merge fields such as Name.
  • Press Next
  • On Confirmation screen, verify your message, delivery date time and Press Confirm. 


Optional features:

Stagger Delivery option: On broadcast text message screen, you'll find stagger delivery options. Stagger delivery spread out text message over given period. for example if you're sending a large blast and expecting calls coming in to your call center. To control number of people calling at the same time, you can spread messages delivery over longer period. For example if you want to spread 5000 text message blast over 5 hours window. You must enter "60 minutes as stagger interval and 1000 Number of recipients per interval".

Merge Tags: Insert merge tags in text message if you like to send personalized text message or wants to include subscriber any custom data.





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