Short Code VS. Virtual Phone Numbers

In order to receive text messages or text reply from mobile users to your text messages to them.

To make it work, we can either assign you a virtual phone numbers, for example for USA and Canada, it would be a 10 digit phone number. Most probably we might be able to find a phone number to match your business area code.

We also offer virtual phone numbers for over 23 countries. Click here for the list of all countries 


We can assign you a shared short code or dedicated short code (5-6 digit number). A very popular choice for a national marketing campaigns. Click here to read more about short codes

The Dedicated short code costs about $1000/month, and requires a long term commitment.

Now, The choice comes between the shared short code and the virtual phone numbers. 

There are some key differences in the shared short code and dedicated phone number usage.



SHORT CODE Virtual Phone Numbers
Ideal solution for Text Message Marketing,Text Voting, Sweepstakes, Mobile Coupons,Text-for-info etc. Phone Numbers are mostly used for low volume Group texting applications.
Large volume messaging send 30 messages per second Low volume messaging 1 send message/1 sec. Person-to-person communications. Send and receive text messages between users and groups.
High cost dedicated short code, alternately use shared short code with a keywords Low cost of dedicated virtual phone numbers. A unique or dedicated Long number can be assigned to a business or individual
Short code are only 5-6 digits numbers and are easy to remember. Virtual numbers are same as local phone numbers, so it's a bit of work for people to remember them or the number should be quite prominently visible so users can type it in correctly.

Shared Short code would require users to prefix their text message with a keyword (a predefined word). For example "ACCIDENT please find attached a picture of the damaged car."

In this case "ACCIDENT" is the keyword. A keyword can be any word of 4 and more alpha numeric characters. 

*** If you're the first party to send a text message to the mobile user and expecting a reply in that case user doesn't have to include a keyword in their text response.

Virtual numbers doesn't require a keyword to be prefix or including in a text message from users. 

So you can receive an open ended responses, pictures, and more with an ease.




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