How to Import contacts from Excel or CSV?

Follow the steps below to prepare your CSV/Excel spreadsheet and import into the dashboard.

1. Prepare CSV

Before importing CSV file, format CSV file as follow


  • Open Excel file, make sure first column is mobile number, second column is Subscriber Full Name, third column Email. Only first column Mobile number is required.
  • Save File as Comma Separated file (*.CSV)



Sometimes Excel data is not in the best shape, you may need to move columns around or the first name and last name is in the separate columns and our requirement is to have them in one column, in that case you need to join two columns.

You can find some Excel tutorials on Microsoft site at the following URL:


2. Create List and import contacts 

  • Go on Manage Campaign, Click on Add New campaign
  • Select Text to Join campaign
  • Enter campaign name, this is your list name
  • Leave all other fields as default, and Press Save
  • Once saved, you’ll see Manage Subscribers button appears above campaign name
  • Click on Manage Subscribers, this will redirect to subscribers screen
  • On Manage Subscribers screen, press Import button.
  • On import screen, upload your saved CSV file.




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