International Texting Numbers

How to Receive Text Messages from International users?

To support 2way texting for international destinations, we offer local texting number for over 33 countries (Click here to see a complete list of countries) out of which we provide a shared local number for over 12 countries and for the rest you can subscribe your own number.

Replies to the Text Message sent from 27126 Sender Id

All shared local numbers are mapped to one shortcode 27126, means you don't need to worry about sender ID for each country, we will choose a local sender Id based on the country and replies will be mapped to 27126. The users from the countries listed below will receive text messages from their respective local number. Most of the other countries will receive a text from a UK number wherever possible.

How Interactive SMS Campaigns (SMS Autoresponder, Survey, Polling, Trivia, etc) works for international participants?

SMS campaigns require users to text a keyword to a texting number, such as opting into an SMS list or participate in an SMS polling. The following the list of countries, we offer local or regional SMS texting numbers and all other countries' users can send a text message to a UK number (listed below).

Our all SMS campaigns (Polls, Survey, AutoResponder, Text-2-Join, etc)  are enabled for top 12 countries. Please contact sales If you don't see your country on the list and would like to run a campaign.


Canada 604-800-0446
Puerto Rico 787-291-9349
Spain +34 971110013
Germany +49 15706100006
Austria +43 676800200006
Australia +61 447910440
Sweden +46 769439897
UK +44 7937947882
Mexico +52 5549998151
Ireland +35 3871452051
Hong Kong +852 64504271
Brazil +55 12976019290
France +33 644630990

Texting short code number for USA: 27126

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