Creating a link that sends a text message

Capture more leads from your mobile site by adding an SMS link. As you can use <href> tag to link to web pages or initiate a phone call, similarly it's possible to create a link which would initiate a text message.

To format a link to initiate SMS is very simple:

<a href="sms://+18006050280">Send a SMS</a>
<a href="sms://27126">Send a SMS</a>

On most mobile phones, clicking this link will open a new message screen pre-populated with the shortcode or your business Texting number.

And When a visitor taps one the following link with a body on a smartphone, a new text message will open with a pre-filled recipient and message content.


<a href="sms://+18006050280?&body=I%27m%20interested%20in%20your%20product.%20Please%20contact%20me.">Send a SMS</a>


If you noticed, we have "?&" after the texting number, which is required, since "?" works for Andriod devices and "&" works for iOS, but having both you don't need to know the device type and it works for both.

*Make sure to add Msg& Data rates may apply and texting T&C on your website.

You can link any of the following HTML elements:

  • Text
  • Your site's navigation
  • Images
  • Buttons

The support can vary on a different platform; we tested with Android and iOS 8+ devices and it worked fine.



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